A Bruneian born in Melbourne

5 03 2010

Hello and welcome everyone to my very own blog.

My name is Amiel Afflon. I’m a third year student doing my bachelor of IT majoring in network systems. This is my last year so I’m hoping everything will go well for me. To be honest, networking has been hard especially when it comes to converting all those binary numbers and calculating the subnets. Sometimes it just gives you headaches but, nevertheless I love it because I’ve always been fascinated on how different technologies work to its very core. This is why you should never and I repeat NEVER give me a screwdriver because I take things apart and comprehend how it works!

My future plans, is to complete this current degree that I’m doing and eventually go for another course in aviation. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot ever since I was a kid, so I’m just fulfilling my passion in any way possible.

Other than that, I’ve got several hobbies such as checking, trying and testing out new gadgets, doing carpentry, jogging and cycling, canoeing, fishing, listening to music when I’m in the mood, and I also enjoy learning about astronomy.




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