Data is the next “Intel Inside” – SpinVox

14 03 2010

I know that there are a wide variety of web 2.0 applications out there which interests a lot of users and developers. Today, I will be looking closely at an application called SpinVox in relation to why data is the next “Intel Inside” for the future of web developments.

SpinVox is an application that converters the speech of a caller into text. Callers are able to speak to their phone which automatically converts it into text before delivering it through SMS, email and web tools. It is one of the most successful speech platforms in the world with more than 10 million users worldwide. It supports wireless, fixed, VoIP and cable, as well as for unified communications, enterprise and web 2.0 environments. The conversion is done by an automated computer system which involves some human intervention when needed. It had some of the brightest people working in the telecoms and marketing industries, and signing big contracts with the world’s leading telecoms operators.

The voice-to-text works by combining speech technologies with advance learning capabilities and human intelligence which, supports languages such as: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. It has made it very convenient for users to create a memo, voicemail, blog, text/message, and social networks. As an example, if a person is not able to find an internet connection to post something on facebook. They can just call SpinVox to update their status or send a message to their friend. However, even though this might seem like a great technology there are some issues regarding the company and the technology itself. The company actually transfers voicemail data out of European Union to South Africa and Philippines in order to convert the speech to text. Not only the company breaches their client’s privacy but, most of the transcriptions are done by human instead of software. Another downside, to this application is that not everyone will be able to use SpinVox because some users might have different languages or accents that might be hard to comprehend.

SpinVox is still a great technology that continuously develops despite its downsides. At it is heart Voice Message Conversion System (VMCS) is the key component that makes it possible. It will continue to improve and learn with the help from human intelligence. Every new word and pronunciation from different users will be saved into the database to improve the computers translation. The more people that uses this application the smarter it will be and less mistakes will be done. Voice-to-text is one of the next pioneering developments of Web 2.0.

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    2 responses

    7 04 2010

    Hi Amiel,

    I’m not totally sure when SpinVox was first developed, but boy, does it sound like it has a big future ahead of it. I was searching for pricing but they’re making it tough to locate anything! I can see how much a service like this would fly off the shelves in an enterprise environment, considering how we’re verging further into multitasking and talking while doing – I’m sure SpinVox could look into business partners to promote the service while encompassing the entirety of staff, etc. Something to look forward to!

    22 04 2010

    It was first developed in 2003 by Christina Domecq and Daniel Doulton:)
    Well in the UK for a voicemail to text they are charging at $10/month.

    Here’s an interesting video to watch, it tells you basically what Spinvox is all about –

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