The Importance of Social Media

26 09 2010

Social media has become a necessity for our modern society. Most of us would have more than one social networking account, whether it’s two, three, or more accounts it all shares a fundamental purpose, and that’s to share contents and converse within different networks. The most important element of social media is in the group, the network of people which lies behind it. Without it, social sites are utterly pointless to anyone. It was for this reason that made Facebook and Twitter the champions of social networking.

Due to the fact of this so-called network effect, many organizations saw the potential of benefiting from such hype. It’s an excellent tool that will allow customers to give you feedback, criticism, and recommendation about a certain product. For instance, customers are now finding it hard to believe TV commercials that would normally give false promises to certain products. As a result of that, they would normally turn to social media to find out more information about that particular product. This also enables them to make a better judgment before purchasing it; since it’s easy to communicate and exchange opinions with other users, customers are more confident when buying the product.

Let’s go back a few years and imagine what it was like before..

The image above portrays the evolution of what it once was like not too long ago. There’s a significant difference between the response times in 1998, as opposed to 2009 due to the enhancement in technology. It’s apparent that organizations should leverage on such technologies to increase their interaction speed with customers. After all, as the saying goes, time is money and money is time.

Now are you going to be in that 1998 time line and get left behind? Or are you willing to enhance your organization’s interaction with customers?

I would like to end this blog post with a video that basically sums up the very essence of social media and why you should take advantage of it:


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    Enterprise 2.0 in Action

    7 08 2010

    What is enterprise 2.0
    In our highly competitive global economy, businesses are striving to be on top of each other. Today, Enterprise 2.0 is a rapidly growing hype for many businesses. It is an ingenious integration of web 2.0 technologies being utilized in a business environment. It revolutionized a dramatic change to many CIO’s philosophy about IT. Instead of having a single trend taking the lead in corporate computing, Enterprise 2.0 employs all of these new technologies and models (Rangaswami, 2006). In order to fully understand its principles, let’s take a closer look at how a company is implementing it.
    Using Web 2.0
    Old SpiceOld Spice products were founded in 1934 by a company called Shulton. It has a range of fragrant products ranging from body wash, aftershave, deodorant, perfumes, and more (Khan, 2009). The products were a hit back then and was mainly targeted at older men with “experience” (Experience Is Everything Commercial). However, Old Spice needed a way to boost its market for younger men and women. So they turned to social media and rapidly utilized all of the web 2.0 tools like, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. Already, the Old Spice YouTube channel has 75 million total upload views.
    One of the most popular Old Spice commercials (featuring ex-football player Isaiah Mustafa):

    Check out his fan pages:
    youtubelogomini facebook-logo Twitter logo
    Business Model
    As a result of its new and trendy commercials, the Old Spice that made people think of that old guy down the street is once again a “cool” brand to have. Furthermore, they were being open to allow customers to participate via Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter to generate ideas. They even allowed customers to send silly questions such as “How do I get women to stop chasing me after I use Old Spice body wash?” And Mustafa would normally video-reply them on YouTube with humorous answers (Bradley, 2010).
    It’s all about getting the customers input.
    Overall, the company learned that it’s important to provide some control to their customers. Traditionally, commercials would normally take months or even years to complete. However, by leveraging the collective intelligence of their customers’ input, Old Spice was able to produce a more successful commercial than ever before (Gaudin, 2010).

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  • How to blog successfully

    31 07 2010

    You’ve probably blogged a couple of times before; maybe because your life or job depends on it, maybe you’re forced as it is a school requirement, or maybe you’re just blogging because it’s cool and everyone’s doing it. Well, whatever the reasons may possibly be, I hope this post will give you some useful insights about blogging and not just plain malarkey.
    So sit down, relax, grab a cold beverage and share your thoughts with me.
    Almost anyone can create their own blogs with various free blog publishing tools on the internet. Blogger for example, makes it simple to post text, photos, and videos without the need of any particular technical skill. Although creating it may seem simple, making it standout from the rest of the crowd is a battle. A successful blog is when it has loyal followers who read, interact and share the post that you have created on a regular basis (Langdon, 2010). The reason for their success is based on several ingenious practices that the bloggers themselves have implemented.
    For example, the header of a blog is critical because it’s most likely the first thing a visitor would see. Another words, it’s the first impression of your blog. So it’s worth spending sometime to create something that will attract your audience (Knight, 2009).
    According to in 2008, there were up to 133 million total blogs indexed since the company started (Kirkpatrick, 2008). That’s excluding other blog sites that are not recorded! So just imagine the competition involve in order to be discovered on a search engine. This all boils down to the importance of keeping a highly searched keyword as your blog title which is essential for attracting visitors.
    Make use of other web 2.0 applications like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and more. Linking your blogs to some of these social networking sites of your choice could potentially improve your blogs branding and therefore increase the number of visitors. Additionally, this has influenced a lot of businesses who are rapidly leveraging the technology which is also known as enterprise 2.0.
    Here’s a short clip of how enterprise 2.0 could enhance your business:

    Here are some excellent blogs that I’ve found interesting:
    1. Sacha Chua
    Sacha Chua Preview
    It’s a very simple blog with clear icons which links to different categories of the blogs. The posts are mostly short, concise and very easy to read. It’s obvious that the writer is a passionate blogger who writes purely about her interests.
    2. Tutorial9
    tutorial9 preview
    Tutorial9 is a very appealing and high detailed website that conveys its purpose clearly. All of the navigations are obvious tabs with icons included to catch the attention of the readers. It encourages the readers to explore more because it’s easy to navigate.
    3. Home Design Find
    home design find preview
    The blog’s title clearly describes the whole idea to its readers and its eye-catching design makes it unique form other blogs. The images on the right provide a positive mood to targeted audiences and encourage them to explore if they are interested in the blog’s topic.
    For more fascinating blog examples, visit that rates the top 100 blogs.
    Personal blogging experience
    Honestly, I don’t blog that often, but from my experience blogging has a lot of benefits. For instance, it provides the extra exposure to the public, wherein readers from all over the internet are able to interact with your blogs (e.g. comments). This would allow you to get different opinions that might improve your knowledge about a particular subject. In my opinion, blogging is a way of sharing my thoughts that may help others, it also allows me to express myself more confidently, and it allows me to record relevant moments of what I’ve been through.
    Checkout the links below for more successful blogging tips:

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